Lost Within The Depths

"You're not her..."

These shattered memory fragments, they are jumping out of the broken windows;
In hopes that the ropes of tomorrow will catch them, saving them from themselves.
The nature of a femme fatele with a habit of deconstructing his thoughts;
Intertwined souls of two warriors, re-arranged through the battles they fought.
Her blades scarred the flesh beneath his skin, her bites poisoned his blood.
But he is only human and the withdrawals blackened his heart.

Staying High

Spent my days locked in a haze trying to forget you babe;
I fall back down;
I gotta stay high all my life to forget I'm missing you.

And those days were still worth every memory, every fragment. Some would say they would want to turn back time, but I've made up my mind.

Diesel On The Walkway

Sometimes the only way to be distant from someone is to burn bridges.

And the future runs through our bones...

Tragically we fall just like the arrows.


Strip me off my own sense of imagination.

Breathe in the light and say goodbye.

I Just Want...

"Xylo - America"

It's not everyday we get remembered of the past, some might say. But my mind is from another universe and you are were my interstellar. Home when I should be out, and I turned on Maze Runner - The Scotch Trials.

Brenda - Your friends are gone. It's over. It's just us now. Just try and relax. (Thomas shook his head) Let go.

Thomas - How?

Brenda - Like this...

(Brenda leans into Thomas and kisses him.)

Then "Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes Gabriel and Dresden Remix" is played...

Brenda - Why?

Thomas - You are not her...

No, you are not her and will never be her.


"Think Up Anger - Apollo (For What It's Worth) ft Malia J"

These voices haunting me like lullabies in my sleep.
Violating every possible imagination of a perfect dream.
The saviour of a broken soul, h
er name was a mystery.
Unbroken and untouched but not quite a saint.
Flawed and tormented but not quite an angel.

Her existence questioned but no answers ever exist.
Fear the fearless like the soul are afraid of the soulless.
She was just a ghost, an imaginary ghost.

2015 Top Fav

Tritonal & Paris Blohm - Colors (Culture Code Remix)

Juventa feat Kelly Sweet - Superhuman (Culture Code Remix)

Hans Zimmer - Time feat Satellite Empire (The Machinist Remix)


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